About Us


Jill Giordano is the owner & designer behind gr.dano, a women’s clothing line known for its modern, unique, and architecturally-inspired designs. 

 Living in Sausalito, California where her boutique and design studio is, Jill hears and sees what style and design mean for women of all ages, sizes and lifestyles. Women want to look and feel amazing in every aspect of their day.

 Jill is a hands-on craftswoman from designing and draping to pattern making and cutting “My clothes are so personal because I’ve touched every piece—I’m not sketching and taking a bow at the end of the runway,” says Jill.

Crafted entirely in Sausalito and manufactured in San Francisco, gr.dano has garnered awards and attention from fashion industry groups, press, editors, and retailers throughout the U.S. for the impeccable structure and easy drape of its designs.

gr.dano appeals to women who like to wear unique but approachable styles. A gr.dano piece is easy to wear—comfortable, unfussy, and well-cut to be flattering. The line is modern without being trendy, and each piece is a long-term investment in a great sense of style.