The Boutique

We have closed our retail boutique but will update "where to find us soon". Or contact us for a one-on-one appointment.





Since 2006, the women’s ready-to-wear collection gr.dano, designed and owned by Jill Giordano , has grown from a locally sold independent line to a nationally sold brand. Through it’s growth, gr.dano has maintained it’s promise to be locally produced. “With the consistent growth of gr.dano, we thought it was the perfect time for us to expand our wholesale and online presence by opening our first exclusive gr.dano Boutique and Design Studio” said Jill. “Sausalito was an easy choice for our new location. It is not only where we live, Sausalito and Marin County is home to the type of person who has made gr.dano a success – A successful, active, creative and stylish woman who leads and doesn’t follow, both in her life and stylistically.” 

Located at 325 Pine Street, Sausalito, CA 94965 - the gr.dano Boutique & Design Studio’s goal is not only to sell their unique brand of women’s (and now men’s) clothing, but too add more creativity, excitement and interest in the community they already love. 

 The gr.dano Boutique & Design Studio is unique to Sausalito and Marin County. The location is not only a retail space but also the design studio where the entire process of design through production of the ready-to-wear line can be seen and experienced. 

 “This area is special to me and I want to add to it. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to meet and dress the women of Marin and the Bay Area or anyone choosing to visit.” says Jill Giordano.